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Importance of local business directory listings

Posted on : 29/06/2017

About 70% of the Google surfers see the Map each day, 97% of consumers search for local businesses online before making a purchase these searches are happening from desktop, mobile, apps, from maps, and even from GPS-enabled in-vehicle devices. In short, wherever your consumer is, whatever device they’re on, you need to be there when they are displaying intent and searching locally.

Business directory listings help you in many ways.

  • Advertising Your Business

There are several types of ways to advertise your business locally and one of the most effective ways is advertising through a local online directory. About 80% of customers use directories while researching a product or company. People use a directory with a specific use in mind. If they find a company to be suitable, they will go ahead with the purchase. They are ready to do business. Hence attracting such customers is very important. Directories help you do that.

  • Increased web traffic

Business directory listings increase your online visibility. Your ranking in search results will get higher. Google gives preference for quality web sites. You can increase quality using relevant content. Thus, by listing your quality pages, you will get a higher ranking and site traffic.You should list your business in directories and maintain them properly.

  • Remove the errors

43% of business listings have an incorrect or missing address; 37% have the company name missing or wrong; 19% lack the company’s website URL; 18% lack the phone number or have it wrong; and 15% of the time the listing is missing altogether.

  • Google yourself for maintaining listings

Googling your company name will show you the directories in which it is listed. Some of the most common online business directories are:

  • yellow Pages

  • yelp

  • manta

Register yourself in those directories. Own your listings. Make sure the information about your company is up to date. Correct any mistakes in the information provided. Check the information regularly. Make updates whenever there is a change.

  • Consistent NAP

Not only does your name identify you as a unique brand to consumers, but because search engines display your business name, address and phone number (NAP) on local search results pages. Having your name, address and phone number listed the same everywhere will ensure Google knows your business and it’s address. Any variation and Google will get confused. As smart as Google is, if it sees your business listed with different names, addresses and phone numbers, it will start thinking that each of those is a different business.