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How Site Downtime Affects SEO Efforts

Posted on : 18/08/2017

This is basically the first test of a web host. If your website suffers from web server downtime frequently, it is the first sign of a non reliable web host.

Downtime not only affects a website’s overall performance but it also brings down its SERP and SEO. Let’s take a look at it in practical manner.

A website is down and not showing up on the search engine. The search engine gets a query of a relatable content of that website, what happens then? The search engine won’t find that website and the glitch will degrade the website’s SEO. Moreover, it also increases the bounce rate of that website that will directly impact a website’s authority.

Therefore, to avoid downtime and to get 99.1% uptime for your website, you should blindly opt for the best available web host for your website.

Customers aren’t the only ones looking at your website, which is why SEO is so important. If you want to be found by search users, you must first be found by search engines, or more specifically, crawlers that seek information for indexing purposes.

SEO is really designed to make sure you are found by web crawlers. There are complicated algorithms designed to determine how websites are ranked for search purposes. The more information web crawlers can gather on you, the better chance you have to boost your rankings, in a very simplistic sense.

So what happens when your website is inaccessible due to site downtime? If web crawlers look for your site and find it down once in a while, it probably won’t damage your SEO efforts. Search engines realize that site downtime happens and that it’s not always within your control.

What can be damaging is frequent or prolonged downtime. Web crawlers are programmed to recrawl, or check back with pages that are inaccessible. Where you get into trouble is if recrawls result in further inaccessibility.

When this occurs, especially over a prolonged period of time, your page rank will suffer as a result. It’s no surprise – search engines want to make sure they’re promoting the best results in order to keep their own users happy.