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What is Bandwidth ? How to Calculate the Web Bandwidth you Need ?

Posted on : 04/09/2017

Website Bandwidth measures the amount of data that passes between a website and the rest of the Internet. Whenever someone accesses your website or views any pages, photos, videos or other information on your site, it takes up space or bandwidth. Essentially, bandwidth is the amount of data that can be transferred at one time, or in simpler terms, how much traffic your website can handle at once. 

For example, if your website contains a 1MB picture, and 1,000 visitors view the picture, it uses 1,000MB (1GB) of bandwidth.

How to Calculate the Bandwidth you Need ?

In bandwidth, it also doesn’t make sense to purchase up – this is why it makes sense to work with hosting providers who offer scalable solutions. As for buying small, that’ll only get you into trouble. Know your actual need to get the service that works for you – here’s how to calculate your required bandwidth:

  1. Estimate the average page size of your site in kilobytes (KB).*
  2. Multiply that average page size (in KB) by the monthly average number of visitors.
  3. Multiply the result from step 2 by the average number of pageviews per visitor.

* If you don’t know, use Pingdom’s Load Time test on a few pages and take the average of those tested pages for your base testing number.

This is the base of knowing your required bandwidth – however, you’re not done quite yet. You also need to include an allocation for extra “room” in case your traffic spikes. Generally speaking, I recommend giving at least a 50 percent spread. But you need to allocate extra room to grow and traffics spikes – leave at least 50% tolerance.

So what happens if you don’t have enough bandwidth? Sometimes, web hosts will automatically bump you up to the next plan to give you more bandwidth and allow your site to run smoothly. Other times, you could face big overage charges from your web host or worse — you could have your website suspended for going over your bandwidth usage for that month. If you use your website to run a business or online store, this could turn customers away. Be sure to find out how your website builder or web host handles overages before you sign up.